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Jazz Magazine - October 2018


"Throughout his childhood, Carl-Henri Morisset was immersed in the black American music that his Haitian parents listened to: soul, funk, and Caribbean music. After studying the clarinet and the saxophone, he devoted himself to the piano from the age of Eight years old CNSM graduate, he is part of the same promotion as the Fox brothers, Matthieu Naulleau, as well as his teammates of the quartet "H!", Bastien Weeger, Etienne Renard and Elie Martin-Charrière. Carl-Henri Morisset has assimilated much of the history of jazz piano, from Bud Powell to Robert Glasper, including Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and Jason Moran. His personal, lively, inspired and open style appealed to Pierrick Pedron, Archie Shepp, Thomas Bramerie and in the first place Ricardo Del Fra who quickly identified him among the students of the jazz department which he directs at the CNSM and of which he made the pianist of his new European adventures. "


Chosen by Lionel Eskenazi

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Jazz Magazine - February 2019

" Then comes the improvisation of Carl-Henri Morisset. The pianist knows his blues like the back of his hand, and goes through it with all the figures dubbed by history, taking the risk of lyricism, in perilous balance, but always in phase with the build that underlies this music. " - Xavier Prévost, HAPPY CENTENNIAL, Mr. PARKER! - jazzmagazine.com

PODCAST (Géraldine Laurent and Pierrick Pédron Quintet live from the Sunside - August 2020)

" Carl-Henri Morisset is devilish, with his right hand, with his left hand, the complementarity of the two, his way of building his own house with each solo… Yvan Amar who broadcast the concert live on France Musique in the framework of the Jazz Club, will have had this remark: “he has the accent.” Hear “the New York accent.” Indeed, there is this naturalness, this frankness, this weight of the note which is rather characteristic. New York tradition, even the African-American tradition. Which - don't make me say what I didn't say - doesn't mean that European pianists are missing a box. to conclude that they are missing one is that they have another instead and that Carl-Henri Morisset may have both. " - Franck Bergerot, Pierrick Pédron at Sunside ... and on France Musique - jazzmagazine.com

PODCAST (Pierrick Pédron Quartet at Sunside - June 2021)

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